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Let My Pen Do Your Talking!

Are you stuck trying to craft a press release? Does your brain go on vacation when it's time to write a blog? Has your content writing seen better days? If so, don’t be so blue! We can help you!


Write4U, Mount Airy, MD  can quickly craft blogs and quality website content; create dazzling lead magnets, business jingles, blogs and more.  Write4U, Mount Airy, MD will deliver a winning score!  


Effective content is key to getting your brand noticed. Blogs promote ideas, brands, products and services and tell stories. There are close to 2 billion websites in the world, and over 600 million are blogs.  A blog brings traffic to your website; generates leads and conversions; helps you build trust and authority in your industry; strengthens brand recognition, educates customers, builds an engaged audience, and improves long-term SEO.  


A website needs quality content to stand out in the crowd.   Effective content is concise, and well-organized, and backs up claims with data or personal experiences.  Quality content helps people understand your brand and positions you as an industry expert. The goal of a website is to capture the attention of potential customers and get them to make a purchase.  A company must know their audience, demonstrate how customers will benefit, and speak in the right brand voice.


The purpose of a press release is not to promote a product or service. This is a common misconception in the business world. A news release is designed to be informative and unbiased, not sell something. It states the facts of the news or event without promotional language. Press releases are mainly used to build relationships with media outlets and give story ideas to journalists.  


Promos are used to publicize a product or service, organization or venture. They often appear as short advertisements on social media, television or radio. Promos can also feature interviews with authors or actors to help increase sales for a new movie or book. 


An effective elevator pitch, or business commercial, is a creative way to introduce yourself in a few short sentences.  A jingle is the perfect way to show how a product or service can solve a common customer problem.  Engage the audience by telling a short story they can relate to.  Include a catchy tagline that describes your business and captures attention. 


Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media. 91 percent of all U.S. consumers still use email daily.  An email sequence can be either trigger-based or time-based. A trigger-based email can be sparked by browsing behavior,  shopping cart abandonment, or after content is downloaded. Time-based emails are sent at predetermined times, such as right after purchase. 

Write4U Mt Airy, MD offers clients clear and concise writing, quality research and reporting; professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm and a fun-loving spirit.  Unlock Your Writer’s Block on My Clock! Let’s chat and get you back on track.

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